Click to Watch in HD > Modi Has Cheated Andhra People By Making Fake Promises || నమ్మకద్రోహం కుట్ర రాజకీయాలపై ధర్మపోరాట సభ

Watch Modi Has Cheated Andhra People By Making Fake Promises || నమ్మకద్రోహం కుట్ర రాజకీయాలపై ధర్మపోరాట సభ Telugu people know about his fake promises... He promised Special Status to bifuracted AP at Tirupati by showing Lord Venkateswara as a witness....Get ready to bear mighty god anger if u cheat people....#fakeparty#ApDemandsRespect #apdemandsspecialstatus#wewantrailwayzoneforvizag#budgetneglectsap​ప్రత్యేక హోదా మా హక్కు​#ApDemandsSpecialStatusప్రత్యేక హోదా మా హక్కు​#ApDemandsSpecialStatus#KadapaSteelPlant#railwayzone_for_vskpPromised Special status for Andhra Pradesh state after its bifurcation with Telangana. Failed to keep their promise up even after 3 years. When bifurcation was done under Congress government with the promise of 5 years Special status, BJP leaders stated AP needs atleast 10 years of special status and a regional party (TDP) gained power in 2014 elections having this (special status) as their main agenda. But now, both Central governments betrayed the people of AP saying they are ready to give special package. Everyone under this sun knows who gets benefit because of these packages. The funniest part here is, Telangana, which was seperated from Andhra claiming that they lack chances and development is seeing the growth in each and every sector from the very next day of partition. Ofcourse, we(AP people) are happy seeing our happy brother. It got Metro, it got many job opportunities, it got even Ivanka Trump. But, what AP people got is just false promises and problems.Dear BJP, just dont blame Congress for the uneven bifurcation. People had punished them with lifetime sentence. Its gonna be your turn now, Be ready we are waiting, we will teach you lesson what we teached to congress in 2014 elections get ready to faceTaajavarthalu is a 24/7 news channel on the digital platform, With breaking news, Celebrity interviews, Politics Updates, Entertainment News, Health Updates, Mythology Stories And Exclusive Programs. All you need to do is hit the subscribe button and stay tuned to our Non-stop Political News video channel.Like and subscribe us on : us on : Facebook: Parody , #Cooking ,upcoming movie updates , hot south-Indian actresses , unseen video clippings , celebrity gossips , telugu movies reviews , telugu movies , telugu movies latest news , telugu movies videos , moviesgossips , telugu movies gossips , telugu movies trailers ,