Click to Watch in HD > Moon lovers, Wang So in modern times (part 3) happy ending

Watch THIS IS FANMADE VIDEO SO CHILL OUT Movies/dramas: Two weeks, Youre the best, Producers, Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo, Never said goodbye Go Ha Jin remembers everything that happend when she lived as Hae Soo in Goryeo era. She explains Baek Ah( his modern reincarnation) everything. Thats how he learns that Wang So is really a king from old times and he only lives in body of his dead brother. Wang So decides to break up with Ha Jin because he feels bad for Baek Ah and doesnt want to use his tragedy for his own benefits. One evening drunk Ha Jin calls Baek Ah. Wang So finds her walking the street but suddenly she is hit by a car. She survives and since this moment Wang So decides to stay with love of his life. All three of them live happy together.

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