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Watch hello! this is SL are four most tricky interview questions with answersQuestion#1: Why are manhole covers round ?Question#2: What happened when wheel was invented?question#3: What will you do if I run away with your sister?question#4: Which one is correct? “Horses flies” or “Horse flies” ?for the answers lets watch the video.....MUsic credit:Track: Skylike - HigherLink: other important links:more interview questions: and list=PLkqQL18wHNCsD3KfTxeDnxrzH5QIsKI0Kengineering problems with solutions: and list=PLkqQL18wHNCs0MRp-PepuCb5Ccdno8_-TLand survey: and list=PLkqQL18wHNCs40pso05CRa5rje4FwSmaOQuantity survey: and list=PLkqQL18wHNCue8D3ubdFpK6bnFyIg6EPuRCC design etc. and list=PLkqQL18wHNCsB1F2-d41XoKkBi9eHBOOcpublic health engineering: and list=PLkqQL18wHNCviZaGTEfbo8CmcyUgUgMZGArea and volume calculation: and list=PLkqQL18wHNCtt3EwuyXazHt33xEeQ7zgasupport us on Facebook page: us on Facebook group: you for watching....

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