Click to Watch in HD > Mt. Apo - April 27-29, 2018 (Sibulan, Sta Cruz Trail)

Watch First of all I would like to Thank you Lord God for a safe journey to the Mt. Apo Summit!Thank you also to my colleagues/friends and new found friends for a wonderful, well spent, and so very enjoyable journey to the Peak!To our guide Terrence Galindo for keeping us safe, keeping us full (delicious foods), for a well organized trail (including awesome porters) and taking care of us always!To our lead trail master Genevieve Turado and Mary Jane for keeping us on the right track!and to our very own sweeper Floreme Aboyme for taking care of us and guiding us from our journey from top to bottom!Thank you Lord God! We have witnessed your Wonderful Creation! To God be the Glory!

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