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Watch Full Album: new album Music of Game of Thrones is out now! The album contains 21 newly recorded tracks with the 85 piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (and choir). Heres one of the epic tracks from the album, Light of the Seven. 1. Main Title2. Goodbye Brother3. Finale (From Season 1)4. Warrior of Light5. Winterfell6. Mother of Dragons7. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts8. Dracarys9. Mhysa10. Two Swords11. You Are No Son of Mine12. The Children13. Blood of the Dragon14. Dance of Dragons15. Atonement16. Son of the Harpy17. Light of the Seven18. Khaleesi19. Winter Has Come20. Hear Me Roar21. The Winds of WinterReleased February 24th 2017Subscribe for Exclusive Previews - the Silva Screen mailing list to start up to date with our latest releases - us on Facebook - us on Twitter - - http://www.silvascreen.comJoin us on Google + - us on Instagram - us on Pinterest - us on Tumblr -