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Watch 【MUSIC VIDEO】 Fantastic Plastic Machine / 02. Beautiful Days (2001.1.17 in stores Beautiful.) Featuring Vocals: Yoshie Nakano (from EGO-WRAPPIN) and Haven L. Clayborne iTunes | amazon | 01. I Am Beautiful 02. Beautiful Days [Featuring Vocals: Yoshie Nakano (from EGO-WRAPPIN) and Haven L. Clayborne] 03. Paragon 04. Love Is Psychedelic 05. On A Chair 06. Whistle Song [Original song by Frankie Knuckles] 07. One Minute Of Love 08. Todos Os Desejos 〜欲望のすべて〜 [Featuring Vocals: Clara Moreno] 09. Im Still A Simple Man [Featuring Vocals: Hirth Martinez] 10. Black Dada [Chorus: Yasuyuki Horigome, Takaki Horigome (KIRINJI), Scratch: DJ Fumiya (RIP SLYME)] 11. God Save The Mona Lisa [Chorus: Masumi Arichika (from TV JESUS), Reiji Okii (from Cymbals), Strings-Violins: Chieko Kinbara (cotractor)] 12. Beautiful Days (Reprise) Art Direction: Tomoyuki Tanaka, Eisaku Ono (nana) Design: Eisaku Ono (nana) Illustration: Allen Mezgquida (art Department) Model for Illustration: Ashley Creative Direction for Illustration: Miho Kinomura (Studio D.O.G. inc.) Illustration Coordination: Studio D.O.G. inc. Official HP| Facebook| Instagram | Twitter (Tomoyuki Tanaka)| Twitter (Staff)|

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