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Watch ?SUBSCRIBE now for more such videos :) and h=ATPy90jKjhmsSwH7O3t-o3CIWLs8xEcU6EX_07bfXKUDpW1_JVdDAsW4ffvXxN4nXnf7LMwR57ZoaB9odPZ_CPk6o-tsTmTMrr_8rX6bXqCXCA2mdHs and s=1Hey Guys, So I shot this fun video that is trending on youtube where I gave my Instagram followers the chance to control my life for a day !This was super fun and I had such a crazy time working on !Thank you everyone who voted ❤I hope you enjoyed this video ! Dont Forget To SUBSCRIBE and SHARE Turn on the notification ( Click on the bell icon )So that you become a part of #StellarFam ☆Virtual Hug☆ABOUT ME :Hi Everyone !Im Puja Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber Follow me on my social media :➰Facebook Page - Puja Jaiswal➰Instagram - @thevoguestellar and h=ATMZLprCd1nYLmW_0fYN01Z1ws-S3FmFHlpG5XT84eif9Cv4QGbrp3MlUrGdgwD40MgWLk0KLDHJzNluulIvdH9xGQP7BiupWyhFBfihhVwh2pkVmHI and s=1?Twitter - @thevoguestellar and h=ATMbLsBeNKIKkMc0cLSS0BQRxicb7HclNESI-B_CFuyBpqzQFXrLTud18yzLhc_Y5pgTwe9UWsJVEcKB55BcQMyY33dyGBi4cw50YHxGxhbva5lBu6vGjfPIf67xLQQ and s=1?Snapchat - thevoguestellar and h=ATMvRl8J5yrjqoBs5LsPJ6BFBHi-I-q5VgF-Hr3ooxZ55xweF0MVSX1yjswEsfsNmzNUHyNw-LzOojBHHcRGNLvcECL2jViH1Ba9xYUBBmFvnfOf428 and s=1➰Roposo - thevoguestellar?BUSINESS ENQUIRIES :[email protected] - All content shown on this channel (TheVogueStellar) is created by the owner of this channel Puja Jaiswal . All opinions are my personal, Paid or Unpaid. Please take permission before using any content on this channel. Email is given above.?Shot and Edited - Shubhrodeep DasThanks for watching :)-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: Top 5 Products Under Rs. 500 | TheVogueStellar