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Watch Late review because our video editor and reviewer too busy for another work.This review is not using English Subtitle, feel free to add the subtitle by yourself.We only use subtitle to our Japanese games reviews that not released yet in the west.Our reviews is spoiler free, we will not giving you any spoilers about its story. We just give you the synopsys or general story about this game, so you can catch what is this game about.Enjoy!Article (Indonesian Language)•• Reviewer: Ayyadana Akbar• Script: Ayyadana Akbar• Video Editor: Ayyadana Akbar• Reviewed on: PC• Game version used: Steam Digital Download• Time Played: About 60 hours with all characters level 99Musics:• Culture Code - Feel Again (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release]• Jim Yosef - Imagine• FyMex and 3mon - I Want It• Connect with Gamebrott:• Website:• YouTube:• Instagram:• LINE:• Another videos that didnt uploaded on YT:

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