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Watch Khyadachopas wife is very much addicted to watch daily soaps. Each and every evening she used to watch her fevorite television serials. For Khyadachopa it is a daily struggle to enter into the home as his wife is so much crazy about watching the TV. This way he get the opportunity to sip some alchohol but caught red handed while drinking wine. Lets see what happen now... Story, Screenplay : Palash Adhikary Direction : Palash Adhikary Cast : Dorothy, Khyadachopa Assistant Director : Biswajit Paul Creative : Nandini Camera and Edit : Raju ( Rehan) Assitant Camera - Soikat Publicity Design : Soumik , Rajkumar Pal Marketing : Subham Das Mahapatra BGM - Youtube Library Special Thanks : Saikat,jaysurya,ANTIRAX,Jeet Media Partner : TollyBangla BoxOffice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube: Instagram: Facebook : This channel is to entertain people and I usually focus on making short video and film . I get unique short film ideas from daily life of people. Master character is called Khyada Chopa , he comes with a different look along with a different characteristics in every episode. The series is all about representing all classes of the society. There is no intention to hurt people. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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