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Watch OFFICIAL VIDEO: 2017 Renault Grand Scenic (UK spec) 2017 Renault Grand Scenic Exterior: Renault put a lot of time into redesigning the Grand Scenic. Up front, there is an all new fascia, new headlamps, new grille, and a redesigned hood. As you can see, the front grille now extends farther downward around the Renault Renault emblem and features rectangular cutouts. Down below the corner vents have been redesigned and aren’t integrated with the air dam like on the outgoing model. The upper and outer edge of each vent have a chrome strip to add a sense of depth, and the air dam features horizontal slats. The new headlights have a zig-zag bottom edge, with what looks to be an LED strip along the upper and outer edges. The hood is now more muscular and features several character lines that were non-existent on the outgoing model. Moving back from the hood, things get a little weird compared to the outgoing model. Instead of the A-pillars having a sunk-in upward curve, the A-pillars on the new Grand Scenic are the exact opposite. The windshield is considerably longer, and there are now corner glass panels ahead of the side view mirrors. Along the side, the waistline is rather jagged, dipping in the middle to a point, then traveling upward as it approaches the rear quarter glass. Down below the waistline, the body is somewhat bubbly and seems to bend the light from certain angles. At the bottom of the doors, the body in sunk in a little bit, giving a 3D effect, and making room for a piece body cladding between to two wheel arches. And, look at those wheels – they come standard as 20-inch units and feature a twisted, five-spoke design. It gives the car a very high-end appearance compared to the wheels on the outgoing model. 2017 Renault Grand Scenic Interior: Looking at the interior, the first word that comes to mind is “wow.” If you had never seen the new Grand Scenic before, you might not recognize it as a Grand Scenic by looking at the inside. With the odd shape of the A-Pillars, the corner class on each side of the windshield clearly eliminates what would be a massive blind spot. The dash is much more refined and takes on the look and feel of most other vehicles. That weird instrument cluster and a display screen that sat almost in the middle of the dash is gone. Furthermore, the dash isn’t half as long as it used to be. The instrument cluster has been moved to behind the steering wheel and looks to be at least partially digital, and the center stack now features a vertically oriented 8.7-inch touchscreen display. The gear shifter is still just below the center stack, but it is now on more of a slant, making it easier for the driver to reach. The car is also equipped with what Renault calls an “Easy Life” sliding center console. When pushed all the way forward it locks to the center stack, just below the steering wheel and gives the car more of a “saloon car cockpit feel,” but when slid toward the rear, there is a more open floor plan that provides more room for all passengers. The console features 13 liters of storage space. The front storage area is lit and covered by a sliding door, plus there is an integrated armrest that lifts up to expose two USB ports, an SD card slow, and audio jack, and a 12-volt socket. The pictures here depict an all-black lower interior, but Renault says higher-end trim levels will feature Club Brown colored trim on the upper part of the dash and the door panels. Surely, this will be above that deep cut that visually connects the door trim to the dash when the doors are closed. The car can be optioned with five or seven seats, with the structure of the front seats similar to those found in the new Espace. They feature eight-way power adjustment, and high-end versions can be optioned with heated seats. Furthermore, the third row of seating is also similar to that found inside the Espace. Read More ► If you love cars, you should subscribe now Go ahead, its free! You will receive the latest automotive News. Car News is The Best Car Channel ★ Shop on Amazon to find great deals on any Car Parts and Accessories you need ★ Website: ★ Facebook: ★ Twitter: ★ Google+: *** Check also OFFICIAL VIDEO: 2017 Renault Grand Scenic (UK spec) 2017 Renault Scenic (UK Spec) - Interior and Exterior 2017 Renault Twingo GT OFFICIAL VIDEO: 2017 Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 FIRST LOOK: 2017 Renault KADJAR 2017 Renault TREZOR Design - Perfect Car!! 2017 Renault Megane Sedan - Interior and Exterior

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