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Watch Tasty music for your films and videosWhat is royalty free music?This article will attempt to explain exactly what Royalty Free Music is and dismiss some of the most common misinterpretations: this track:Atmospheric hip hop beats accompanied by vocal samples, guitars, percussion, synths and floating effects. Perfect for Lifestyle, documentary, technology, fashion, mystery and thriller. 109bpm (Artist: Pure Kaozz) Licensing:If you are a private person and you would like to use this track in your own podcast or videocast (no monetization!), just add the artist info and a link to this channel in your description!Commercial Web Licence (companies and businesses) for :1 Online advertising viral video / (1 language / no in-stream ad) or 1 radio/cinema ad regional (1 language / 1 year) or 1 imagefilm / show and presentation-reel (1 language)or background music for one WebsiteFeel free to contact us for any other licence!You can purchase a commercial web licence for this track here: Credits:released 07 April 2014 Written, recorded and produced by Feegel / Vodovoz