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Watch Okaïdi and Playing for Change are teaming up to unite and help children around the world trough music. Wherever you come from, whatever political, economic, spiritual or ideological beliefs you might have, music has the power to break down barriers and unite us all. Strongly convinced of this, the Playing For Change movement was set up to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The movement funds projects such as building schools or running music education programmes around the world. Okaïdi and Playing for Change share the same values of commitment, being open to others and fraternity. So it was only natural that they should team up to bring children together using an optimistic, universal song known by all generations. The song was rearranged and performed by 3 childrens choirs from 3 different cultures and continents (North America, Africa and Europe) who were accompanied by the Playing for Change musicians. See more on Okaïdi and Playing for Change :

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