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Watch Les sigh. Eponine breaks my heart every single time... but oh how I love her... and this song. This ones near and dear to my heart. My father gave me the original cast recordings on TAPE (haha) of Les Mis when I was in elementary school and this is the song that always grabbed me. When I turned 13, he and my mom took me to see a Broadway Theater League production of Les Mis and I was officially hooked. Eponine has always been my dream role, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did recording it!Connect with me heeeere: thanks to my featured Patrons!-Dennis-Jose-Kaylee-Vanessa-Pizza (aka Stephanie)-Stephen-David B.-Dan B.-Grace-Jackie (hi mom, ily)-Kevin-Hilary-Bubbie -Jonny and Rachel -Camilla -Katy-Arielle-Michael-Ashley-John-DouglasTo find out how to become a patron and get rewarded for getting involved, click here!