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Watch First trip of 2018.The day after the Spanish holiday Three Kings Day we got on a train and headed to the beautiful Segovia which was completely covered in snow. It was a perfect day: we played around the snow, we build a snowman, had snowball fights, made now angels...After playing around for hours we had lunch at a local restaurant and eat the famous local dish Cochinillo followed by a bottle of wine...:)When it was time to head back we discovered that due to the heavy snow they had cancelled all the trains back. They told us that if we rushed to the bus station we might be lucky enough to get the last bus before the roads got closed again. We got the 2 last seats of that bus and headed out before they closed the road. We were lucky but.. a part of me wanted to stay trapped in that beautiful city.My Instagram: Ester Pla with Premiere ProMusic: Cash Cash - How To LoveCamera: LG phone :)