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Watch What isnt to adore about this glorious city on the Cantabrian Sea? San Sebastián, or Donostia as it is brought in Basque, has a round narrows with perfect white sand shorelines that have since a long time ago pulled in well off shoreline goers looking for sun and advancement. This is the thing that made the city acclaimed amid the Belle Époque time and it is likewise where Queen Maria Cristina set up her regal summerhouse. The proof of San Sebastiáns captivating past can at present be seen all through the city. La Concha, the most lovely urban shoreline in Europe, is enhanced by rich beachside chateaus and in addition the well known spa called La Perla (The Pearl). Its footpath is lined by a resplendent white railing that has turned into an image of the city. There are, be that as it may, two different shorelines in the city both of which are not so much opulent but rather more loose: Ondarreta and Zurriola. Zurriola is additionally prominent with surfers. In later years, San Sebastián has increased noteworthy press for its cooking. The city alone has 15 Michelin stars spread crosswise over 7 eateries and broadly flaunts a larger number of stars per capita than anyplace else on the planet other than Tokyo. Eateries Mugaritz and Arzak have been positioned numbers 6 and 17 on the planet (2015 Worlds 50 Best Restaurants). It is from numerous points of view like a scaled down Paris, with the exception of in Basque style. San Sebastián is additionally renowned for its pintxos. Also, the best place to go to attempt some of them is the Parte Vieja (Old Part). This beguiling old downtown area is renowned for having the most elevated centralization of bars on the planet. This is the place the pintxo is above all else and the sustenance is considered important. In spite of its relative little size (186,000 tenants), global occasions are likewise held here. The most acclaimed of these is the San Sebastián International Film Festival.