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Watch Panchavarnappoove| Shafi|Saleem Kodathoor|ഹിറ്റ് മാപ്പിളപ്പാട്ടുകൾ |Hit Album Songs| New UploadsFor more Songs Please Subscribe Our channel : Paattu or Mappila Songs are a folklore Muslim song genre rendered to lyrics in colloquial Mappila dialect of Malayalam laced with Arabic, by the Mappilas of the Malabar region in Kerala, India. Mappila songs have a distinct cultural identity, while at the same time remain closely linked to the cultural practices of Kerala.The songs often use words from Persian, Hindustani, and Tamil, apart from Arabic and Malayalam, but the grammatical syntax is always based in Malayalam. They deal with themes such as religion, love, satire, and heroism, and are often sung at occasions of birth, marriage, and death. Mappila Paattu form an integral part of the heritage of Malayalam literature today and is regarded by some as the most popular branch of Malayalam literature, enjoyed by all Malayali communities in Kerala. © 2018 MAGIC FM DUBAI.mail : [email protected] -