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Watch Thanks to the services offered by Peru and Bolivia Hop, we as a family were able to explore Peru and Bolivia without worrying about altitude sickness. It was a hassle free way to see both Peru and Bolivia and saved us a lot of time planning.Check out our review which will give you a great insight into the route, the buses, the trips, the stops and how we managed to see alot of Peru using these buses.**LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED WATCHING ;-)****SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL AND BE THE FIRST TO FIND OUT WHEN WE UPLOAD A NEW VIDEO**We are The Flip Flop Family, a travelling family from the UK. We ditched our routines, sold our belongings and set off to explore the World with our 2 children. Check out our other videos to find out all about us! Thanks for your support xCheck out our website for up to date info on where we have been and where we are going next at: www.theflipflopfamily.netWe are also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Just google The Flip Flop Family x x x