Click to Watch in HD > Pokemon Crystal Clear 05 - Bringing Mojo to the Dojo! ~ JANINE (Reverse Run) [HD]

Watch Welcome to Timaeuss Pokemon Crystal Clear - Reverse Run! This is v1.3a of a mod of Pokemon Crystal by ShockSlayer, meant to enhance gameplay by allowing more flexibility to the game progression. I chose to start in Kanto instead of Johto, and so, this is a reverse run, a playthrough in backwards order with respect to the usual Gen 2. Well begin with Pallet Town, then go to Pewter City. Well mix it up in between, and end at Viridian City. Afterwards, wed cross over to Johto starting at New Bark Town, and continue to mix it up from there (NOTE: for convenience, we might still go wherever, every now and then, without fighting gyms). Nicknaming scheme: Musical instruments and terminologyPLAYLIST: summary: We check out the Celadon dept. store to stock up and beef up! We also catch a Pokemon with the best DVs weve ever seen! Then, to train up, we plow through the gauntlet of trainers below Lavender Town, getting a certain evolution along the way... Lastly, its about time we bring some mojo to the dojo as we challenge the Fuchsia gym! Try the in-development mod here: Clear Discord channel: you guys enjoy this mod! I know I do!Twitter: check out my music at: would mean a lot to me, and I believe you could like some of my music!My Website: my site on mobile and PM me your comments/advice!Timaeuss Tech Services: offer tech services such as audio mixing/mastering, web design, graphics design, etc. Shoot me a message sometime!