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Watch 眼科視光師是眼睛護理專業人士,直接為廣大市民提供服務。眼科視光師藉改善市民的視覺及推廣眼睛健康護理,以提升市民的生活質素。本港眼科視光師的專業註冊受法例規管,而香港理工大學眼科視光學的畢業生,具認可資格直接在香港特區政府註冊成為執業眼科視光師﹝第一部分﹞。 更多課程資料: Optometrists are experts in vision and eye health. As members of an independent profession which can be accessed by the public directly, optometrists contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of Hong Kong people by improving eyesight and promoting eye health. Entry to the profession is controlled by legislation and graduates of our BSc (Hons) in Optometry are eligible for direct entry to Part I of the Optometrists Register of the HKSAR. More programme information:

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