Click to Watch in HD > PORTAL - Illoomorpheme (Unofficial Music Video)

Watch I have edited video and added sound from the original CD-track. Portal playing Illoomorpheme live at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City on May 26, 2010 Video Editing /Visual composition by daupike. Live video material originally by Lyrics; Listless attique spinsters roost Symbionts molten behest Dermis betrothed Deed indefeasible Instinct a hold... they seek Spindles spoken Abysmill dictum motions Stitch of seamless theorists Spool anachronistic Fleshing de rigueur Toil over tapestries Entropique wicker sirque Awyreon riddle spun Phones in theatre seethe Blisters of atoms void supine Mills ending hurl malign Assailantsea wership thee

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