Click to Watch in HD > PROGRESS 7th Month - Blindfolded Kid Plays Flight of the Bumblebee Rimsky Korsakov

Watch Adriel started playing piano on February 2016 by himself thru youtube. (Adriels parents) My wife and I has no musical background. We are of no help to him musically. We just try to help him the best we could. I was amazed to discover at 10 years of age he could memorize any notes, play piano well and has impressive hand coordination. He has very good ears too. But theres a little disappointment too in our part as parents if only we had discovered his God given gift earlier he should have been better by now. Although I know it is not too late since he loves music so much. It is fun for him to play piano.I was joking around if Adriel can play Flight of the Bumblebee blindfolded. To my surprise, he was able to play it without any difficulty. He spent about 1-2 hrs a day to listen to this piece for the first three days and 30 minutes in the consecutive days to practice it. A total of about less than 10 hours (practice time includes video game breaks). The way he practice and learns playing a song is very strange!Join us in a young boys journey of progress and developing his talent. We are proud and glad to have a son like him. To God be the glory.

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