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Watch Project FAR CRY 5 - ULTIMATE $4300 GIVEAWAY CUSTOM WATER COOLED GAMING PC - Time Lapse Ubisoft. Today we have a time lapse ultimate custom water cooled gaming pc build in the theme of far cry 5. To celebrate the release of ubisofts far cry 5 we will be hosting a giveaway of this custom water cooled gaming pc so get in quick! Our focus on this ultimate gaming pc build time lapse was to capture many of the features in far cry 5 and bring it all together to create an art work which is best representative of the far cry 5 game. I tried to capture the majority of the progress in a time lapse so you could all see the amount of work that went into this Ultimate gaming pc build. So who wants to win the far cry custom water cooled gaming pc giveaway!GIVEAWAY: Design Define R6 Ryzen 7 1800x MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 GPU G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB 3000mhz RAM Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SSD Cooler Master V850 PSU Thermaltake Riing plus RGB Fans Cables EK Water Blocks Water Cooling A huge thank you to and Ubisoft for allowing me to create this Awesome custom gaming PC!A huge thank you to fractal design and MSI for sponsoring the hardware!STOP SCROLLING RIGHT NOW! YOU FORGOT TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON![email protected]_RECOMMENDED PLAYLISTS TO ENJOY: (Final Custom PC Builds) (PC Modding Tutorials) (Water Cooling Guides)_FOLLOW US:US Affiliate Amazon: Affiliate Amazon: ENQUIRES:[email protected]/DesignsByIFR_ABOUT ME:I am a self taught PC and Modding enthusiast who enjoys creativity and learning new techniques to create a one of a kind Case Designs. All of our work is produced in our back yard using mostly hand tools. At the age of 18 is when i made my first custom PC and our passion and drive continued from there now having countless builds under our belt and plenty more to come. We are one of Australias largest Case Modders and have been recognized world wide by big tech media companies such as Linus Media Group and TweakTown. With our continued growth we have been fortunate enough to have a wide audience which enjoy our case modding tutorials and water cooling guides which we can provide on the YouTube platform. Our aim is to Create, Inspire and help people achieve their dream PC.