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Watch Prynt is a girthy phone case (its more of a portable dock, if you ask me) and charges via USB. It comes with 10 sheets of paper, which are refillable through the free Prynt app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Once the case and app are easily installed, you can use it to take a video or print a photo already stored on your phone and then record a five-second video. You have to record a video in order to print the photo. Photos print quickly and develop instantly -- no need to wait or shake it like a Polaroid picture. Unfortunately, the image quality is as underwhelming as a Polaroid, so the real charm of the Prynt lies within its ability to print video. I admit, I think the result is pretty cool. Looking at the static paper transform into a moving image is like witnessing a futuristic magic trick. Its also really fun to show your friends and watch their own GIF-worthy (or should I say, Prynt-worthy) reactions. Buy it on AMAZON - Get it on GOOGLE PLAY - Get it on IOS APP STORE - Connect with me - Facebook - Subscribe - Visit my Blog -

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