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Watch Questra World and AGAM an investment fund where 25 fund managers handle foreign currency and IPO (initial public offering) to Create a Passive Income Weekly income. Global Business Based out of Madrid Spain. Questra has been in business 7 years (since 2009) ⁃ Currently there are 10 branches in Europe ⁃ 4 Middle Spain and 6 agency centers and more to come. ⁃ 100% inactive + team building (optional) ⁃ 100% passive income: 4% to 6% weekly! ⁃ (There is no recruitment / no sponsor to earn) ⁃ No Monthly charges. Weekly pays! (every Friday) Deposit in Bitcoin and Earn in Bitcoin Weekly Deposit Ethereum and Earn Ethereum *Also Accepts OKPay, AdvCash and Bank transfer for those outside the USA* USA partners must use Bitcoin OR Ethereum for Deposit Transfer to AGAM Atlantic Global to start your Investment account. You can Become a Private Partner OR Customer of AGAM and Questra World here How to Get Started ... and t=7s How to Deposit and Add Funds to your AGAM account with Atlantic Global and t=25s Contact me @ 662.483.0562 OR Facebook Questra World Passive Income Opportunities AGAM Atlantic Global Asset Management Weekly Income Passive Weekly Income

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