Click to Watch in HD > RCD:- One way slab design / design of a one way RC slab.

Watch hi dears!welcome in this presentation we will be learning the detail process of designing a one way reinforced concrete this tutorial 1st we will learn What is one way slab? then we will go ahead for design process . actually a one way slab satisfy the below terms. 1) A slab is one way slab when a slab is supported on two edges and bends in only one direction.2) Even when a rectangular slab is supported on all the four edges, the slab may be considered as a one-way slab if the length-to-breadth (L/B) ratio of the slab is equal to or greater than two.3) A one-way slab is designed for the spanning direction alone; the main tension reinforcing bars of such slabs run parallel to the span. For the transverse direction, a minimum amount of shrinkage reinforcement is provided.alright lets check the lecture for design process .thanks for watching .my self SLK.+92-3438861906