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Watch Maurizio Felugo, Italian Water Polo National team, chooses to train with Reebok CrossFit®. The Italian athlete tested the innovative training program with a CrossFit® L1 trainer. Ever since Maurizio discovered it, CrossFit® is an integral part of his preparation. He immediately became a big fan of the Reebok Realflex shoes; with their 76 multidirectional sensors, they are the perfect equipment for this sport!/products/fitness/mens/footwear/9375/salty-greyfrenchy-bluesun-rock-j87967/?d=mens The 2012 Italian Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championships will be held in Rome, Terrazza del Pincio -- Villa Borghese, on June 23rd. The RCFFC is a free event but we wish to offer those that register first the chance to watch the action from a grandstand seat.!/national-fitness/event-information/?e=9124 CrossFit® begins in USA, designed to help people gain a broad and general fitness and prepare them for any physical challenge. CrossFit® programming concentrates on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness. All workouts are scalable to any fitness level, age or experience. Training can be done anywhere, but is often done at a local CrossFit® affiliates gym, called box. Check out the closest one

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