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Watch Posted with the permission of Reggie Watts the IP holder: about social interaction, maturity, and interpersonal relationships in one song.All thanks to the youtube community for the multiple translations of the subtitles! You are all love!Lyrics:I dont even need youI never tried to cryI used to ask so many questions like that famous one, Why?Do you know him?Does he know you?Did you do a little hanky-panky off at the San Diego zoo?Did you see the koalas?Did you see the tigers and the bears, the wolves, the-the things you shouldnt seeDid you hold his hand in a park?Did you go to a movie?How dare you have someone you cared about before meIts so rightFor me to get jealousCause I gotta think of you as a piece of propertyIve gotta hold on to youWhen I say youre my girlIt really means that I own you inside of my mindShe thinks thats sexyCause she thinks thats coolCause love should be based on insecurity, my foolsI know its true and it feels so good to be Slightly addicted to someone that you feel you cant learn aboutBut dont worry nowCause theres moreA-kissing and a-smooching and a-smooching and a-kissing and a-smooching and a-maybe just a little bit of fuckinAnd you gotta do it rightListen to what they are sayingTheir body will respond in time, in kind and you will understand or gleanOh yes youll gleanCause gleaning is a thing we can do if we really open up our listeningOh yes, I feel how lovers like to entwine in the momentCause theres always a discrepancy between the biological leadTo procreateBut sometimes it gets confused with the idea, the construct that society lays upon this world, yeahYou watch a movie, you think its like that, yeahYou watch a TV show, you think its like that, yeahYou read a book and you think its like thatBut it hasnt been like that for very longBecause society hasnt developedThe technology to place their stories in constructs in the philosophical medium thats entertaining for us to understand And plus theres so many of us here on this planetWe need a system to organize ourselves in a way that makes us feel like we come from a tradition of cultureIts so cool, but its scarierTo get your things in orderAnd understand theres no order Were all improvising And any way it makes you happyIs truly the way that you should surviveBecause otherwise youre living under systems that dont match who you areAnd youll be fighting that all of for the rest of your life. Anyways just be happyJust do everything with loveAnd youll see everything will B-E A-O-KJust do what you needTake that time to do the in betweenThe in, the in, in, in betweenDontDont use those thingsAgainst another personRemember every personIs an opportunityTo learn more about yourselfCause you are listening To where theyre coming fromAnd they represent a reflection of yourselfAs long as you understand That theres more to this lifeTheres always so much more to this lifeHey, hey, oh babyI like the way that you smile at meIt makes me feel so goodIt makes me feel like anythings possible, yesAs long as I dont lie no moreTo myself or to othersIt feels so much better cause when I was younger, I could lie, let me tell you, I could lie like a motherfuckerAnd that is goodBecause you gotta experience the darknessCause the darkness is important to understand inside yourselfIts not always about being goodIts understanding why youre being good in the first placeOh, empathys a bitchOnce you feel it, you cant get rid of that itchIts trueJust remember to all, all, all, all, always love yourself.