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Watch Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Price Cut In India Again Samsung again reduced the price of this phone, now it will get so much This is the second chance of the year when the price of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has been reduced. Samsung has cut the price of the Galaxy C9 Pro smartphone once again. The price of this phone was Rs 31,900, but now it can be purchased for Rs 29,900. That is, the user will get the benefit of Rs 2,000. This is the second time when the price of this handset has been reduced. Earlier, in the month of June this year, the company had cut the amount by 5000 rupees. At that time the price of this handset was 36, 9 00 rupees. Smartphone with 6GB RAM ... Galaxy C9 Pro is Samsungs powerful handset. It has a 1.44GHz octa-core processor with 6GB RAM. Apart from this, the second hardware specifications of the phone are also great. First information on the cost of the phone was given by the Mumbai-based retail retailer Mahesh Telecom, on Twitter.

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