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Watch This is an Italian-language trailer (with French subtitles) for the theatrical rerelease of Luchino Viscontis SANDRA, starring Claudia Cardinale, Jean Sorel, Michael Craig and Marie Bell. The film was released as Vaghe stelle dellOrsa in Italy, and Of a Thousand Delights in the U.K. The Italian title is taken from the poem Le ricordanze by Leopardi, and can be translated into English as Glimmering stars of the Great Bear, or more colloquially as Of a thousand delights. The 1965 Italian release features Cardinale as a young woman returning to her ancestral home in Volterra, a town in the Tuscany region of Italy. There, on the eve of a ceremony commemorating the death of her Jewish father, she revives an intimate involvement with her brother (Sorel), which troubles her American husband (Craig). A Franco Cristaldi production, SANDRA won the Golden Lion (Grand Prize) at the 1965 Venice Film Festival. It was written by Suso Cecchi DAmico, Enrico Medioli and Visconti, from their original story based on the Elektra myth. Armando Nannuzzi was the director of photography. The musical score is taken from works by the Belgian-French Romantic composer César Franck. SANDRA is available on an Italian R2 DVD from Sony. In Italian.

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