Click to Watch in HD > Seaventures Dive Rig: The Most Unique Diving Resort on Earth | Borneo from Below (S01E07)

Watch Is it a bird? Is it a place to land planes? No, it’s a dive resort! Off the coast of Borneo, close to Sipadan Island, lies Seaventures. In Episode 7 of Borneo From Below, presenter Bertie takes you on a tour of this unique dive rig. Footage ©Scubazoo‬More information on the producers:‬More information on the series:‬Like us on Facebook us on Instagram us on Twitter used under license from Audio network name: Listen To My Heart Beat Artist: Pete Masitti / John Andrew BarrowTrack name: Shout Shout Artist: Tom Boddy / Pete MasittiWith thanks to license any of this footage please contact [email protected]

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