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Watch fruit and shoot borer in Brinjal and other vegetables like tomato,chili,gourd crops is a big problem to the farmers. Its control is not a easy task. Farmers who grow vegetable expense more to control the shoot and fruit borer.Hence the profit from the crops become less. To control fruit and shoot borer we must knowthe life cycle of lucinode orbanils . Through this video it is tried to show. Mail and female moth complete physical sex then the male moth die.Female moth lays eggs on the leaves and then larva comes out from the eggs. Larva find soft place in the plant to enter into the shoot and fruit. Larva eats the soft materials of plants for two weeks and lays down into the soil. hard materials of soil covered the soil and it is called cookun. Larva comes out from it and get the full maturity of the insects. Through its harmone female moth attract male moth for sex and lays eggs. In this process the insect complete life cycle and day by day increase the insect in the brinjal field. cultivation of marigold and maize crops as the trap crop is very effective. So many farmers cultivate one row of marigold or maize as the trap crop. Then we need to use ten to twelve pheromone traps for trapping the insect. If we unable to control then we should go to chemical control. Chemical recommendation should take from expert person. you can call the toll free no. 18001801551(kisan call centre) or to your nearest krisi bigyan kendra. For pheromone traps you can visit - or you can call to 18002122125you can visit to or you can call to +91-8048416205

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