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Watch Alpha 3.1 is soon to go to Evocati Testing and then a planned live release for the end of March. And the plan for releases in the future is for a major patch every 3 months, with minor patches and hotfixes being released as and when too.This does lead to a Roadmap where features get moved around and Network Bind Culling is one of those features that has slipped from 3.1 to 3.2 in June now.Full Bind Culling Post | | | ORG SYNCH | SYNCHs DISCORD | | STAR CITIZEN and 5000 UEC | | | | and MERCH | https://boredgamer.teemill.comSUBSCRIBE | | http://www.britizencon.ukStar Citizen Roadmap | SYSTEM SPEC | RULES | OF SUPPORTERS | Citizen is a First Person MMO Space Sim that covers gameplay in ship and on ground, economy and pretty much anything else you would want. Its First Person and built in the StarEngine (a modified Lumberyard Engine). Youll see massive Space Ships that you can fly with friends, land on planets, explore or whatever your way to whatever goal you choose. Squadron 42 is the Single Player Campaign and the Spiritual Successor of Wing Commander. The Idea is the game is maximum pretty and seamless... NO LOADING SCREENS. Its currently in the Alpha of its open development with the hope that SQ42 Episode 1 will be released Q4 2018 - Q2 2019.Full Disclosure: I am a Star Citizen Fan BUT am not paid or contracted by CIG in anyway other than I am an Evocati Member and as such am under an NDA during closed tests. I am Part of Redacted, a community of Star Citizen Content Creators and Fans, check us out here -

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