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Watch Album: RECORDED LIVE: THE 12 YEAR OLD GENIUS Artist: Stevie Wonder Label: Tamla/Motown Recorded: June 1962 at Regal Theater, Chicago USA Release: May 1963 Producer: Berry Gordy Cover Design: Bernie Yeszin -- Twelve year old genius - not a phrase given to Little Stevie Wonder by Motown Record Corp. for publicity, but a few words which express the thoughts and sentiments of thousands of people across the country. As you have probably heard by now, Stevie not only excels at vocal renditions, but also the harmonica, piano, drums, bongos and organ. All this, and he is blind. You catch the excitement generated from Stevie to the packed audience as he plays harmonica on Fingertips, Hold your feet still while he plays bongos on Soul Bongo - if you can! Watch it, or youll be singing along on the tune, La La La La La, and dancing to the beat of Stevies drums. Now sit back with the rest of the audience across the nation as this little boy riffs and rides, so professionally, the beautiful selection, The Masquerade Is Over: feel the smooth transition from this ballad to the swinging Hallelujah I Love Her So and back to the soulful Drown In My Own Tears. And before you ask him to sing more after he completes Dont You Know, remember Stevies not there with you, its only recorded live. [Liner notes by Billie Jean Brown.] -- Fingertips (Henry Cosby, Clarence Paul) -- 0:00 Soul Bongo (Marvin Gaye, Paul) -- 06:41 La La La La La (Paul) -- 09:43 (Im Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (Herbert Magidson, Allie Wrubel) -- 12:17 Hallelujah I Love Her So (Ray Charles) -- 17:31 Drown in My Own Tears (Henry Glover) -- 20:19 Dont You Know (Charles, Berry Gordy) -- 23:42

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