Click to Watch in HD > Swimming in the Pasig River...I GOT SICK

Watch Two wild and thrill seeking young American girls travel to the Philippines to explore the many islands and experience the culture. Its their first time in Manila and they are ready for an adventure.This is how i got two of my friends to go swimming in the Pasig River. Unfortunately, i had to swim with them as well to make it all happen. Para sa lipunan at ang kapakanan ng ating environment! This is The Pasig River Prank. A Public Service Announcement from your neighbourhood chonggo.Lets work togetherWWF: out Atlee Feingold:Youtube Channel: @xxAtlee and t=2sKickstarter: @wil_dasovichTwitter: @wil_dasovichFacebook Vlogs: Merchandise: Tsongandtsonggo.comMailTime :) 703 N Joya Tower, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines 1210Best Royalty Free Music on Youtube right here: