Click to Watch in HD > Terrifying moment driver misses falling boulder by one heartbeat

Watch A driver in Taiwan had a near brush with death yesterday after a huge rock suddenly fell 100 feet from a cliff onto a major motorway.Terrifying dashcam footage provided by the driver shows how the boulder plunged down and landed inches from his car without warning. The driver, who wished to be known by his surname Tsai, said when was viewing the footage after his journey, he was shocked to see how he had dodged death by just one second.Mr Tsai, 38, said he was driving on the Hualian Motorway yesterday afternoon when the rock fell. He had gone to Hualian city to see friends during the Lunar New Year. He was on his way back to his home in Taipei. Mr Tsai was driving his new £19,000 car, a Taiwan-made Luxgen, which he bought three months ago. Mr Tsai told MailOnline he had been driving quite slowly as he had wanted to enjoy the scenery along the way. When I was about to enter a tunnel a dump truck suddenly cut in front of me, and I let it pass, the driver said.I saw some loose rock falling from the truck, so I slowed down.But shortly after I left the tunnel, the boulder fell.

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