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Watch TesseracT – Luminary (from new album Sonder)Pre-order / pre-save now for release on 20th April adds significant firepower to the bands arsenal, blending the harsh abrasiveness of One (2011) and progressive ethereal elements of Altered State (2013) with the accessibility of Polaris (2015). Sonder is streamlined, honest and direct with all the trademark TesseracT dreamy atmospherics and bending grooves.Vocalist Daniel Tompkins describes Luminary as conceptually exploring a deep and devouring sense of insignificance, which ties into the overall theme and meaning behind Sonder. The album also features an extended and re-worked version of last summer’s single “Smile”. Tracklist:LuminaryKingOrbitalJunoBeneath My SkinMirror ImageSmileThe Arrow TesseracT online: album SONDER out 20th April. Pre-order here: could raise the dead //With those terribly troublesome eyes /Maybe you’ll always be bad //Maybe you’ll always be the same •Are you alone, locked inside //That prison in your head? /You walk through the crowd // Lost in the sound /Invisible to every passing eye •This waking life is not what it seems to be //No time to talk, no air to breathe /Reminisce the scent of a single flower // What butchers cleave, the wolves devour /But if you consume it you will surely die //When you’re buried with your tenderness /You’ll drag it to your solitary grave •Are you alone, locked inside //The prison of your mind? /You walk through the crowd // Lost in the sound /Invisible to every passing eye //Invisible to every passing eye •-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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