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Watch *Tha Kovam Varuma Varatha featuring Gautham Vasudev Menon and Music by Arrol Correli. Gautham Vasudev Menon narrates the emotion called Chennai, How pride the Chennai city is. As a known fact Cooum is a river before years flowing throughout the city, now it turned into a drainage, where the whole city dumps the waste. Documented how the river gets polluting, history of the river, what is the main cause for the river to get polluted, how people get affected because of the pollution, how people near the river lives with the polluted river, what will be possible solutions to clean the river and Gautham Menon shares how he comes to know about Cooum. Cooum should be the pride of our City, but it turned as the meaning of Drainage. The river will be cleaned only when we start questioning!The Cooum River is the shortest classified river draining into the Bay of Bengal. This river is about 72 km in length, flowing 32 km in the Urban part and the rest in rural part. The river is highly polluted in the urban area (Chennai, Paruthipattu Anaikat). Along with the Adyar River running parallel to the south, the river trifurcates the city and separates Northern Chennai from Central Chennai. Its source is in a place by the same name Cooum or Koovam in Tiruvallur district adjoining Chennai district.Executive Producer - CreativeNivitha PadminiCinematographyJeevakaran TRaj PrasanthEditorVignesh RKSound Design and Sound MixGOWRI SHANKAR. LDubbingSeed StudiosSubtitlesreskhsColoristVigneshwarArul GScriptNivithaResearchNivithaThanigaivelanSaradha NatarajanDesignsAdarsh MukundanThanks toAnirudh SriramanSelvendranDiscussionsSivaArul GSohailRukshanth AvudaiappanManager RelationshipsSudharshan Giridhar Assistant Manager RelationshipsKrishna KumarJeya SuriyaThanigaivelanSaradha Natarajan Edit Supervisor Gopi KrishnanAsst. Channel HeadDinesh RavishankarChannel HeadRamiezFor more videos, interviews, reviews and news, go to: