Click to Watch in HD > The Final Countdown - EUROPE Cover by Poet on Strings

Watch Poet on Strings are: Sascha Fecht and Hellmut RuderFOLLOW THIS CHANNEL - THERES MORE VIDEOS TO COMEDOWNLOAD SONGS: Amazon, iTunes or many other sitesVISIT MY HOMEPAGE: www.poetonstrings.comBUY THE ALBUM: Amazon.deSpecial thanks: Jörg Schumacher | www.einfachMedien.deEquipment used: Lowden Bensusan Model, Albert and Müller S3 RW, Brauner Phanthera Microphones, Fishman Magnetic Pickups, SPL Gainstation1 Preamps, Apogee Duet Interface, Elixir StringPlease feel free to LEAVE A COMMENT or SHARE THIS VIDEO