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Watch Khem Veasna; born December 11, 1966) is an orphan, former movie star, movie boss, writer, director, Law student, businessman, cambodian politician, the founder of the League for Democracy Party,[1] former member of Sam Rainsy Party and Former representative based in Prey Veng constituency in the Cambodian National Assembly for 3rd in 2003, he is now the president of the League for Democracy Party (LDP), and the first revolutionary on our golden land. He is addressed by everybody as their relative “ Brother Veasna” Or “ Uncle Veasna”.Khem Veasna is a graduate of the Department of Media and Communication (RUPP) where he graduated and worked for one or two years. He is a graduate of the Royal University of Law and Economics where he served as president of term; played a role in solving the problem of studying. He graduated with a bachelor of law degree.[2]In the engagement as a politician, initially, he was a member of the Sam Rainsy Party, listed of Representatives since 1998 but not elected, later elected as a representative in 2003, at that time he was 38 years old, then in 2006, also established their own party called the League for Democracy Party reached today.[3]From 2005 to 2009, he was a speaker of the Training Development Organization. This organization was a part of the League For Democracy Party, and was closed by government.Reference: veasna ldp,khem veasna speech 2014,khem veasna song, ldp forum ,khem veasna cry,khem veasna talk about danger in Cambodia,khem vesana democracy

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