Click to Watch in HD > The Oppressed: Nepali Short Movie (डिप्रेसन सम्बन्धि कथा)

Watch **INTERNATIONAL VIEWERS YOU CAN TURN ENGLISH SUBTITLES ON**When a person breaks his leg we dont tell them to run it off but when a person suffers from depression why do we tell them to shake it off?Because of the existing stigma against mental health in Nepal it is very difficult to seek help from the mental health experts. This short film is based on similar stigma and the journey of a young man who seeks for help with his parents and his friends.Do watch till the end.Do Like, Share and Subscribe to promote us so that we can bring these kind of films for you. Help us raise the awareness.Directed By: Saroz Shrestha| Aayush GhimireStarring: Saroz Shrestha| Santosh Adhikari| Suryaman Limbu| Jayanta PokharelCinematography/Editing: Roman MarsMake Up/SFX: Sanju TamangSponsored By: RHYTHM Neuropsychiatry Hospital and Research CenterCostume Sponsor: Marilyn Store [Zeena Gurung]Like our Facebook page visit our website www.Lifevergemag.comThanks to the entire team of Lifeverge for helping this movie get made.

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