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Watch Content owner: pias_vod - Type: Visual content Content owner: [Merlin] IDOL Distribution Decia Films/pias_vod - Type: Audio contente Directors: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Wim Wenders Produced by: Julia de Abreu Fakhrya Fakhry Andrea Gambetta Christine Ponelle David Rosier Lélia Wanick Salgado Wim Wenders Music by: Laurent Petitgand Cinematography by: Hugo Barbier Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Amazon: and ie=UTF8 and qid=1507877226 and sr=1-2 and keywords=The+Salt+of+the+Earth Wenders is one of the most challenging directors of our times. He direct this fabulous documentar, the prime material is a diamond: Salgado, the best photographer of all times. Sebastião Salgado is a legend.He as taken the most deep views on human nature and pain. He has let himself exposed to the extremes of human cruelty and destruction, he has faced poverty and death and this devastated.The pictures taken from his beloved Africa, followed by a concussive description of unknown to us dramas of thousands and millions of people, remind us of what man is capable to do to one another, how no one on this planet can claim innocence. However, the outcome is not despair. Man, and that is the main attribute given to Salgado, always finds his way to hope. The film lyrically leads us from the absolute despair about the future of human kind to the rediscovery of nature and the wild that ends up rendering a deforested piece of Amazonian jungle back to its former state, giving back to nature what was taken from her. Yes, the Salgado family had the strength to do it. Yes, the human kind has the strength to do it. This fabulous story is narrated through the most wonderful black and white pictures and portraits ever taken. A homage to Man and Nature, that is what the movie is about. (IMDB - Regina Zervou)

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