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Watch Content owner: pias_vod - Type: Visual content Content owner: Merlin] IDOL Distribution Decia Films/pias_vod - Type: Audio contente Directors: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Wim Wenders Produced by: Julia de Abreu Fakhrya Fakhry Andrea Gambetta Christine Ponelle David Rosier Lélia Wanick Salgado Wim Wenders Music by: Laurent Petitgand Cinematography by: Hugo Barbier Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Amazon: and ie=UTF8 and qid=1507877226 and sr=1-2 and keywords=The+Salt+of+the+Earth The Salt of Earth is a movie about pictures of our world, not just photos, but a critical vision of our society, a son to father movie, about how a former economist saw the world thought his camera. This documentary could be just a about a great photographer, but it goes beyond, and show us about the human side of ourself, a side sometimes we forget. To take a perfect pictures may took years, may took risk of life, may took a feeling, but always will need a human instinct to see, what is almost impossible to see for everyone else. The main argument in this movie isnt about how take pictures, but what they means for us, and what it shows, a war, a strong little boy man, a beautiful woman going to die, human greed for gold, or just how the world dont need us to be beautiful. The director show a movie about human nature, in best picture, but not in the best of human, sometimes, the best picture show the worst of human nature. This is the best lesson from this movie, human nature is complex, and sometimes chaotic. (Joao Guilherme Araujo Schimidt)

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