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Watch Thumbnail Generator for YouTubeFree Download at https://www.TubeBuddy.comSay good bye to photoshop, your print-screen button, copying, pasting, opening, editing, saving and uploading - at least when it comes to creating YouTube Thumbnails.Using TubeBuddy you can now quickly and easily create professional quality thumbnails right inside YouTube using still frames from your video along with text and image overlays and even create templates to reuse on each new upload. -To get to the Thumbnail Generator, go to your My Videos page, click the TubeBuddy drop down menu next to any video and select Thumbnail Generator.In Step 1, choose what type of background you want - either a still frame from your video, a solid color or an image. You can adjust the video frame forward or back to find the perfect still.After youve chosen your background, its time to add layers of text and images. To add Text, click the text button, choose the text properties then click Add. If you dont see a font listed that you want to use, select Upload your own to upload your own custom font. You can always move, resize or rotate the text by clicking on it within the thumbnail previewTo add an image layer such as a company logo, click the Image button. You will see a list of previously used images and you can also upload new images to use. Click on any image to add to the thumbnail. Just like text layers, you can click on an image in the preview area to move, resize or rotate it.If you have your logo and text in the same position for each video, you can save a set of images and text as a template. Then for each new video, you can click the Template button to add easily the group of text/images with a couple clicks. Once youre happy with the thumbnail, click the Next button and you can see how it will look on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Finally click the save and publish button and TubeBuddy will publish the new thumbnail to your video. You can save a copy for your records by clicking the Download Thumbnail button. Click the Reload button and you will see your new thumbnail is updated and live. Keep in mind that although the new thumbnail is shown in your video list, it can take minutes to hours before the thumbnail is refreshed across all of YouTube.Thanks for watching and as always, keep us posted with any features youd like to see added to this tool or any of our other tools.Download TubeBuddy now at https://www.TubeBuddy.comTweet us feature requests, or just say Hi! Tube Buddy to enhance your channel! miss an update become a buddy! a channel is easier when youre not alone... you just need a buddy... a TubeBuddy!-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: Your YouTube Channels Year in Review - 2016 ? #TubeBuddy