Click to Watch in HD > Toccata in e minor BWV 914 played by Adélaïde Ferrière

Watch 19 Year-Old Percussionist Adélaïde Ferrière performs JS Bach in front of the beautiful Château de Digoine. Recorded on June 2016 Follow her : Video Directed by Adrien Roux Music : Toccata in e minor BWV 914, Jean-Sébastien Bach Assistant Director : Jordan Stupnicki Director of photography : Olivier Nathan and Adrien Roux Sound recording : Julie Grisel and Manon Fayard Mixing : Julie Grisel Electric Boy : Nicolas Thibaut Mallets : Resta-Jay Percussions, Kolberg Marimba : Yamaha 5100-A Many thanks to Jean-Louis Remilleux

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