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Watch Bultaco Brinco E-Bike : The Bultaco Brinco comes with 3 different riding modes, Sport, Tour and Eco that control the power and range of the eBike. Combining a traditional independent bicycle pedal system with the availability of 100% electric power, the Brinco is officially called ‘a recreational off-road vehicle’. It’s not a motorcycle and it’s definitely not just a push bike. Greyp G12 : The electric bike features a 1.3 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack that allows for up to 75 miles (120 kilometers) of electric propulsion. DENNY Electric Bike : Denny is a electric bike that is part of the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project competition. The Bike Design Project is a challenge to 5 design and bike building teams from bike centric cities to design the “ultimate urban utility bike”. SONDORS Thin Electric Bike : The instant you ride Thin, you know youve never felt anything like it. With SONDORS Thin you have the freedom of full-electric power with a simple press of a thumb throttle, or the option of electric pedal assist cycling. SONDORS Thin battery is a proprietary design. Unique to SONDORS, this 36V 8.7Ah lithium-ion battery boasts Panasonic cells and the SONDORS patented triangular shape, making it ingeniously slender, lightweight, and a perfect fit for Thin. Super 73 Electric Bike : The Super 73 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike. With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 35-40 miles to the charge. Ride comfortably at 20 mph and safely with our 20x4 fat tires. Comes in Black or White! The Super 73 will take you up to 20 miles at 15 mph. Greyp G12S : The Greyp G12S is a 2nd generation of our first electric bicycle - the Greyp G12. You don’t need to worry about keys ever again. The biometric sensor ensures that you are the only one to unlock the bike with a mere finger scan. The Beast E-Bike : Bolt M-1 Break Free : The 2016 Bolt M-1 Electric Bike is one of the leading electric motorbikes that will be released in 2016. It will feature a 50 mile range and it has many significant advantages compared to other motorbikes. The M-1 is actually considered to be an electric bicycle because its top speed is limited within the city to 20 miles per hour. That means that there is no license required to ride this innovative bike in the city, which means that no specific motorcycle training or license is needed. Trefecta E-Bike : Audi E-Bike : The Audi E-bike is based on custom carbon fiber wheels and a full-suspension carbon fiber frame, even the front suspension forks are custom designed for this bike. The rims look very similar in design to those on the $80K Blacktrail, leading to speculation by some in the E-bike community that this bike was partially designed by PG Bikes, the company behind the Blacktrail. When I first picked up the Volt bike I tried to ride it the only way I knew, like a normal bicycle. This was a mistake. Turns out, I hadnt grasped the purpose of electric bicycles. I spend most of my life on two wheels. Throughout the course of the working week I like to commute into the TechRadar offices on a scooter and bicycle on alternating days, with one keeping me fit, and the other just being plain fun. If I’m being honest with myself, I could probably cycle in a little more often then I currently do. The journey is only around half an hour on a bike, and it’s little more than laziness that has me wasting fuel carting my lazy ass to and fro from the office. But I like keeping the scooter around, not least because it’s helpful on the evenings and weekends when I travel slightly further afield. So, what if I could get something that does both? Link of subscribe please help me : Facebook page :

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