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Watch Top ten world class cities with highest numbers of hi-rise buildings. Subscribe us: Youtube Channel: Our Tweets: Facebook page: Tumblr: Google+ page: These megalopolis are: 10. Chongqing, China Chongqing is one of five national central cities in China and the only such municipality in inland China. The highest building in the city is Chongqing World Financial Center at 339 meter (1,112 ft). 9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates For the past 20 years, UAE government have transformed a small town for fishermen into Middle-east most important hub for tourism, business, and high standard living. Burj Khalifa is a pinnacle of Dubais property industry that beautify its skyline. 8. Shenzhen, China Chinas most important emporium for electronics goods—Shenzhen is growing rapidly with 442 skyscrapers currently standing and KK 100 Development tower lead the height in the city at 442 meter (1,450 ft). 7. Guangzhou, China Another vital finance city of China, Guangzhou have as much as 456 buildings with heights more than 90 meter. Topped-out building—The CTF Guangzhou measures 530 meter (1,739 ft) high. 6. Singapore One of the Asian tigers, this relatively young city-state always chasing for better rank; including this one which now sit in sixth place. Too bad restricted height makes citys tallest building only measures 280 meter (918 ft). 5. Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok taking a lead among South-east Asian cities for this ranking. An 85-storey Baiyoke Tower II is citys tallest structure which also tallest hotel in the region at 304 meter (997 ft). 4. Tokyo, Japan Lack of supertalls due to earthquake does not hinder Japanese in making lower skyscrapers as many as 753 in their capital. Not to mention, Tokyo Skytree now is the second highest structure on the planet. 3. Shanghai, China Chinas economic reform begun in late 1970s changes Chinas landscape in every aspects. And Shanghai is a leader of that reformation with 855 skyscrapers registered in the city. A twisted building Shanghai Tower just topped out at 632 meter (2,073 ft). 2. New York City, United States of America The only megalopolis from American continent, New York City shows that legendary city still able to challenge for number one spot. A newly erected One World Trade Center stands at 541 meter (1,775 ft) with skyscrapers as much as 938. 1. Hong Kong Being under United Kingdom makes its citizens run ahead leaving their relatives on the other side for 99 years. No wonder Hong Kongers could construct as much as 3266 skyscrapers. Crunk Knight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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