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Watch Looking for some food business ideas in the Philippines? What about finding some popular and profitable street food business ideas. Here are top 10 small-scale food business for Philippino entrepreneurs.In Philippines, street food has quite popularity. You can start any food business idea with low investment easily. Many students or part-time job holders select food business idea as passion. All most all of the food business ideas in this video can be started within 50000 capital in Philippine. Here are top 3 profitable business ideas which represents the best street food in Philippine among all of them:1. Pinoy Barbecue (Street Food): In Philippines, there have some unique barbecue concepts in the world. A very lucrative small profitable food business ideas in Philippino community. If you want to come up with this business, I suggest you to experimenting with marinade.2. Fish Ball Stand: If you want to represent the best Philippine street food then you couldnt skip this Fish Ball item. This one is the best small business to make money. And most interesting part is that there is no difference between the fish ball from one vendor to another one. Some will make it crispier than other, but the main taste remains same.3. Balut: Balut is very simple food item for Philippino which is healthy and can be eaten at any time of the day. It has 7 grams of protein, 0-gram trans fat and only one gram carbohydrate. It tastes great while you try it with vinegar or salt. Balut is the most popular and profitable street food business ideas with low investment.So watch the video and get your business ideas and please SUBSCRIBE