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Watch Top 5 Tips On How To Satisfy A Woman In BedYou may be surprised when knowing that most of the women are not satisfied in bed.The scenes you see in videos are not real life, and they do not show what women really want. For women, there are some ways to keep them coming back for more. So keep in mind that above are effective ways you should consider if you are looking for ways on how to satisfy a woman in bed.1. Kiss Her During SexMost guys stop kissing their women during sexual intercourse and that is a bad thing. This is because kissing makes your sex more intimate and it is also important for female pleasure. Try sucking on your woman’s bottom lip and then firmly pressing your lips against hers. When things are romantic and slow, follow up with a more sensual kiss.There are some other tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed that I want to reveal in this article today. So, keep reading this entire article right away.2. Pay More Attention To Her BreastsThis is the first tip on how to satisfy a woman in bed that I want to mention in this article and want all of my male readers can apply for good.Many guys pamper their women’s breasts during foreplay; however, they forget this during the main event. According to a study, extra stimulation can contribute to a bigger orgasm for your woman. It is important to give her breasts more attention as her entire breasts are packed with nerves. When your woman is on top, you can use your fingertips to draw slow circles around her breasts. Then, you use your hands to lift her breasts’ underside and lick around your women’s nipples before you gently cover them with your mouth.3. Give Your Woman A G-Spot OrgasmAccording to a research about the G- spot, this erogenous zone is located about 2 inches inside your woman’s vaginal canal and is on the front wall. It is spongy and has the size of a dime. However, it can be difficult to feel, so you just need to stimulate this area during sexual intercourse and of course, you can give her more orgasm. Try out doggie style with holding your woman’s hips for balance, hit it with your penis slowly at first and then increase the intensity. With each of your stroke, your penis will contact with the front wall of your woman’s vagina, encouraging that special area.4. Gently Pull Her HairThere are many nerves in the hair scalp and when your woman is aroused, they become more sensitive. Therefore, pulling on her hair can give your woman more stimulating. If you do it during sexual intercourse from behind, it can make her feel that she is a hooker. If she is on top, try running your fingers through her hair and giving it a little pull. Especially, this works well when you are experiencing intense sex.5. Give Her Oral PleasureAccording to a study about oral sex , an oral-sex session can make your woman blow her mind. However, keep in mind that different techniques can offer her more or less pleasure on different days. To find what is the best for her, make sure to apply lots of different moves. Try sucking and using a firm tongue and then a wide, soft movement and pay attention to which she responds to. When she reaches an orgasm, she will start breathing much more quickly and her body will tense up. Go back to this move and keep doing it till she climaxes.========================================Source : The materials and the informationcontained on Health Center channel are providedfor general and educational purposes only and donot constitute any legal, medical or otherprofessional advice on any subject matter. Thesestatements have not been evaluated by the FDAand are not intended to diagnose, treat or cureany disease. Always seek the advice of yourphysician or other qualified health provider priorto starting any new diet or treatment and withany questions you may have regarding a medicalcondition. If you have or suspect that you have amedical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider.======================================Without My permission you are copy wright my channel videos i am also report your channel videos.========================================My Channel all Picture collected by and Audio create used Software text to speak.==========================================Top 5 Tips On How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed by Health CenterTop 5 Tips On How To Satisfy A Woman In BedHow To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

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