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Watch 0:00 The BullRest Travel PillowOver 300% funded! The BullRest reimagines the travel pillow. 80% smaller than traditional pillows with a patented ergonomic design fit for all travelers.Link: FaceCradle Travel Pillow - Upgrade to Sleeping Class!Upgrade to Sleeping Class - FaceCradle Travel Pillow! With 5 comfort modes, 4 more than a regular neck pillow, now you can sleep!Link: OSTRICH PILLOW GO – Maximum comfort sleep for all necksThe ultimate travel pillow providing unparalleled comfort and total neck support thanks to its ergonomic design and viscoelastic core.Link: SkyDreamer | A travel pillow engineered for our time!Travel has evolved. Your travel pillow should evolve with it.Link: WOOLLIP Travel Pillow: Smart pillow for smart travelers!Woollip is an innovative frontal travel pillow that will allow you to find your ideal sleeping position. It’s time to get on board!Link:

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