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Watch The brand new Episode superhero story by Joseph Evans is almost here! Check out this exclusive trailer! Comment down below if youre excited!Inspired by awesome Marvel and DC comic books and movies, Glitch Girl is the story of Grace Griffin - a girl with the ability to control electronic devices and computers using only her mind.When the mysterious villain Zero takes control of the city, can Grace save it from his evil clutches?Ink Start Here Tutorial: Start Here Tutorial: love it if you also subscribe to my wifes channel: 1 - START HERE: 2 - OUTFITS: 3 - ENTERING and EXITING: more Episode help and resources, check out:http://www.episodelife.comI would love it if you hit that subscribe button and subscribe to my channel! Thanks so much!If you didnt know, I also write ACTUAL BOOKS! Yep, ones that you can get in paperback, or read on your phone or tablet! I would LOVE it if you checked them out! Here are the links:FREE iBooks copy of Book 1 for your iPhone, iPad or Mac! Book 2: 1 Paperback: 2 Paperback: STORIES:The Phoenix ProphecyThe Ember EffectSoulboundThe Secret of RainIf youd like to check out my YouTube gear, here are the links:My microphone - laptop - for watching! Please comment, and let me know what you think of any of my stories! :D And if you have any questions about writing an Episode story, comment them below too and Ill try to answer them, either in the comments or in a future video!